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Call for Johne’s disease whole herd test

A recent article by Animal Health Ireland (AHI) has highlighted the importance of carrying out a whole herd test. According the AHI, 50% who have registered with the Irish Johne’s Control Programme have not began testing or else their test results have not been uploaded to the ICBF.

It has been found that some herd owners have not tested bulls along with other animals that may be cause for concern. AHI state that it is vital that all eligible animals over two years of age are tested for Johne’s disease – “this includes, dry, sick and potential cull cows as well as bulls”.

Farmers are also advised to monitor herd records on ICBF to check for any untested cattle. Farmers should get in touch with their AVP or milk recording organisation if they are unsure.

Visit the AHI website for more information on the importance of whole herd testing for Johne’s disease