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Sheep Welfare Kit


The Sheep welfare kit for Worm Egg Count contains:

10 sample pots, submission form, guidelines, and pre-addressed envelopes suitable for postage.

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 Samples are tested using modified McMaster method. It requires 10 fresh dung samples taken from individual animals. In the laboratory, samples are mixed in equal proportions to prepare a composite sample which is then screened for the presence of several species of parasites:

  • Trichostrongylus sp. (bankrupt worm)
  • Strongyloides sp. (threadworm)
  • Nematodirus sp. (threadneck worm)
  • Monezia sp. (tapeworm)
  • Coccidia oocysts
  • Trichuris sp. (whipworm)
  • Lungworm

Results are given in a number of observed parasite eggs per 1 gram of composite sample.

Results for individual animals will not be reported unless the customer specifically requests them before submitting samples for testing.