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The detection of antibodies directed against Neospora caninium




Agri Diagnostics Ireland Ltd. test for the detection of antibodies directed against Neospora caninium in Bovine milk samples.

Neospora caninum is a parasite that infects a cow for life – once a herd is infected with neosporosis it can be extremely difficult to detect.

Neospora may be suspected if an animal aborts over the course of the fifth or sixth gestational period.

Once suspected samples must be obtained and sent to the laboratory for testing to confirm infection.

AHI has listed a number of economic losses due to neosporosis:

  • Potential value of aborted calves
  • Retention of barren suckler cows
  • Premature culling of breeding animals and consequent increased replacement rates
  • Reduced value of high-genetic merit animals
  • Loss of milk associated with abortion